The future is already here.

Distinct Brand Value & Future Analytics.

The brand represents the highest value of a company it and should mirror the unshakable DNA of its organization.
To succeed in a fast changing world, with empowered and purpose-seeking consumers, smart companies are humble enough to understand that they need to create from a fundamental truth and behave with a futures mindset. Consumers cannot be mistaken - they watch your every step under a microscope - So let's make sure, what they find is trustworthy and lovable.



A rigorous and analytic deep dive into brand status:

• Review of brand promise/identity/image/positioning
• Review of Marketing/Distribution/Experience strategy
• Product promise vs Consumer experience
• Analysis of industry understanding
• Risk vs Potential
• Future & Innovation Check


• Investors/companies who seek a brand based transaction or acquisition.
• Brands who seek investment, prepare for valuation or extension.
• Brands in development


Digital Transformation & Change Alignment.

In the future, everything that can be connected will be. As consumers continue to demand more- Transparency, flexibility, quality, connectivity, innovation, personalization, speed, and so on - they are willing to give less. The times when business as usual was good enough, are dead. Much more, the impact of current technologies, from Blockchain to AI, lead to shifts of entire industries in their core - Any brand that thinks it can rest on its traditions or brand laurels and fails to contribute to future expectations, will be left behind.
Let's make sure your brand is able to successfully surf the wave of change, instead of being swept away by it



Holistic strategies to building your brand's digital ecosystem

• analyze gaps within current digital strategy
• explore future trends in your industry
• identify brand differentiation points in a digital world
• explore new potential and strategic opportunities
• develop futures mindset for your brand
• establish dedicated transformation strategy & road map


• Any company in the consumer goods & service industry seeking to future-proof their brand mindset and business.
• Brands seeking innovation leadership.

Creative Expertise

Think Tank & Creative expertise

Technology can do a lot, but to truly stand out andkeep pace with human behavior changetakes practices that go beyond traditional consulting. Diving into different thinking styles, diverse perspectives and subcultures, becomes more important to elevate your brands personal style and create experiences, sui generis. TT Creative Expertise is a nurturing and intuitive approach that draws from perpetual trend scouting and in-depth consumer experience thinking processes. As part of this practice and in the best interest for real change and powerful progress, it selectively on boards other best-in-class independent experts and visionaries from all different fields.

Challenge-focused and innovative practices to develop new perspectives and ideas for your brand and/or create meaningful projects

• challenge-focused and team engaging project workshop
• innovative work force tactics
• deep dive into trend & sub-culture insight
• Full project development


• Brands planning to re-position or re-launch
• Brands seeking fresh perspectives and/or want to develop new collaborations and industry crossing projects.